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But How?

by Byron on April 16, 2017

Gibson and Decker,

But how do I get myself back to what I believe in?

One of the hard parts of life is figuring out what you believe in?  What do you anchor yourself in?  What do you come back to?

I’d like to think that I anchor myself in family, love, service, compassion, truth, and a dismantling of corrupt power.  However, I drift off my anchors often.  Too much work leaves too little time for family.  Too much jealousy leaves too little room for love.  Too much need for control hampers my ability to give, serve and be compassionate.  Too much anger works against me in the quest for truth.

These things happen because I am human.  I am only too human.  And all humans are just animals.  We have been blessed by whatever created us with the ability to love, and care, and work together.  With these blessings come the need for emotional security, and material security and a sense of pride and importance.  When these needs run amok, our lower natures take over and we become self seeking, selfish, angry, and afraid.

But how?

But how do I get myself back on track?

Over time, I have come to learn that I must spend a great deal of time proactively trying to stay on track.  When it doesn’t work, I have to double down on my efforts, and, sometimes, pull myself out of the game for a few minutes to refocus and re-energize.

Prayer and meditation is a large part of what I do.  Praying, for me, is talking to God.  (btw, I have many more questions about God than I do answers but I do believe there is something greater than us)  Meditating is listening.  I listen for the answer to the question – what is the next right thing for me to do?

Exercise, time management, actively seeking balance, eating well, constantly learning, and observing/listening to myself and others are all a part of the nuts and bolts of what I do.  And I actively seek the answer to the question: But How?  I don’t always know, but I can always learn more and improve.

I love you guys!!


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