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by Byron on March 11, 2016

Decker and Gibson,

Something I love about you guys … we ribbit.  One of you guys stand in front of me, I hold you under the armpits, and I launch you into the air.  You come back down, I catch you under the armpits, you bend your knees and we do it again.  You guys love hopping around like frogs.

Anytime I want you guys to go somewhere, like brush teeth, or go upstairs, or go into the kitchen, I say, “Want to ribbit?”  You always want to go.  You both love it!  Decker, you say, “Can you ribbit me?”  Gibson, you say, “Ribbit!!”

It’s the best.  A little rough on my back sometimes, but, the best nonetheless!

I’ll miss the ribbit when you guys get too big.

Love you guys!


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