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Business Idea #172 – The Descriptions that Actually Bring Visitors to a Website

by Byron on September 4, 2012

The Problem:

I’ve got oodles of data on my websites.  You name it and I’ve got it.  Everyone does.  It’s called Google analytics.  But it’s too much.

The Business

There are an infinite number of businesses you could build based on what I’ve listed above.  Analytics consulting, testing companies, software that boils G analytics down into digestible reports, etc.

My business idea is simply a visual slideshow with how visitors got to my website.  What did they type in and what did they see?  I want to see it as they saw it.  I want to know what Google showed them so I can try to get inside their heads.

From this data, I will discover deep trends about my site, about my metatags, my copy, etc.  And because it’s a visual slideshow, I will be able to learn it quickly, instead of combing through data patiently waiting for eureka! moments.


You could run a machine through a Google analytics account easy enough, and I’m sure many do it.  It’s the google results that pose a small problem.  As google customizes itself to its users, people are seeing things differently.  That said, by and large, they see the metatags/individual google result largely the same, so it might be an easy problem to get past.

My Thoughts

The problem is big.  I don’t have time to be an excellent data scientist and don’t have the money to hire one.  I need help from a machine.

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