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Business Idea #165 – Trade Reviews with Founders

by Byron on August 23, 2012

The Problem:

Though it happens in an informal way all the time, there is no formal way to trade an honest feedback review of a new website/feature/product.

The Business

A website that hooks up founders, tech leads, developers, and others to give honest feedback on products pre-market.


Creating the website is very doable.  It’s simply something that hooks up two people.  Getting anyone to care, that’s another story.  That’s the challenge.

My Thoughts

Everyone is so impressed with, as am I.  But why are we impressed?  It’s not the site. makes Quora look like an engineering marvel.

It’s the community.  Everyone cares about the same thing, in one place.  And then things can happen there.

We’re going to need to keep watching companies earlier and earlier, the way great athletes secretly have scouts in early middle school.  Whomever needs to watch should build this and make it a free resource.

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