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Business Idea #163 – The Short Law Firm Domain Names that Remain

by Byron on August 21, 2012

The Problem:

Good domain names are scare.  This is especially true for lawyers and law firms.  Not one domain remains.  Not too many domains remain.

The Business

Buy the few remaining quality six letter domain names that end in, hold for a few years, and sell for an average of 10-20x what you paid.  This is a relatively small time domain name speculation idea.  Almost more of an investment than a business.

There are literally no five letter domains ending in left.  Six letter domains are good because they can represent a lawyer’s initials (John B. Doe = or they can represent a three name law firm (Johnson, Benson, and Doman, LLP = the same).


Since we’re only talking about buying law firm domain names, there isn’t too much to the idea.  It’s a “business” that’s easy to start.  But which domains to buy?

Take the five letters most common for last names.  Make that the letter before law.  Use any combination of letters as the first two.  Exclude vowels except A, X, and Z.  You’re left with about 100 domains.  Buy them and resell immediately or sit on them for up to three years.

My Thoughts

The number of new lawyers in the law business is staggering.  Our parents and grandparents still tell us to go to law school because it’s prestigious or something.  It’s sure not a sure path to success.  Making a living as a lawyer is hard.  For solo and small firm lawyers serving consumers (B to C lawyers), success as a marketer is crucial.  Now and in the future, that begins with Internet marketing for lawyers. A good domain name is a part of that success.

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