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Business Idea #160 – Texting and Driving Solutions

by Byron on August 16, 2012

The Problem:

Texting and Driving is a huge problem, and a growing area of law.  Videoing drivers could reduce texting and driving, thereby reducing insurance rates.

The Business

Small video cameras in cars, used to reduce insurance rates.

Texting and driving lawsuits are growing.  Pretty soon, if you don’t have proof you were not texting and driving, it may be assumed you were texting and driving.


Recording readings from cars is not new and has not caught on.  But that doesn’t mean this idea isn’t doable.  It simply hasn’t been marketing properly.  And its ease of install and car insurance discount is not good enough.

My Thoughts

Any good idea that hasn’t caught on either 1.) isn’t a good idea, 2.) isn’t a good idea yet, (same as 1 for our purposes) or 3.) hasn’t been marketed properly.  I think this idea might be a number three.  It hasn’t been easy enough.  Imagine if someone came to you to do an install, for which you were charged $89.  You know if you keep the camera active for three months, you will get $30/mo off your car insurance.  You’d be far more likely to do this.


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