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Business Idea #158 – Kids Lunch Packing Service

by Byron on August 14, 2012

The Problem:

Packing healthy meals for kids in school is a time consuming process.  You must shop, parse, store, and pack.  It simply takes too much time.

The Business

Prepackaged, healthy meals for kids, delivered directly to your house.


This can be a standalone business or as a feature of companies already delivering groceries and meals.  It’s very doable.  If it stands alone, it is significantly more complex than if it gets bolted on to someone already offering similar services.  It also works as a small-time, hyperlocal only company.  And if that’s true, maybe it works as a franchise.

My Thoughts

This is why I write this blog.  This is a great business idea.  And one that I wouldn’t start in a million years.


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