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Business Idea #147 – A Nose Cleanser for Foodies

by Byron on July 30, 2012

The Problem:

Taste, according to this past weekend’s Parade magazine, is 75% smell.  People sit down to delicious, expensive, cuisine with stuffed up noses all the time.

The Business

A nose cleanser for foodies.  Build it, prototype it, patent it, market it, sell it.

It can simply be a small machine to get humid air into the nose, thereby cleaning it out.


I told someone about this idea yesterday.  He said, “Oh, like Afrin.”  Well, sort of.

Even if the desired result is the exact same – an unstuffed up nasal passage – the marketing is very different.  It should be a small machine, not a squeeze bottle.  There shouldn’t be any medicine.

Building the device conceptually is potentially tough.  Getting it built to sell is potentially tougher.  Getting the product sold is the toughest of all.  The goal would be to make it the cool thing for foodies to do.

My Thoughts

What I like the best about the idea, is the foodie niche.  There is a defined set of people to whom you can make your product a status symbol.  If you can do it, the sales will trickle down.  For every thought maker, there are 100 followers.

(For the image, I changed the name from nose cleaner for babies to sinus cleaner for foodies.)

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