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Biz Idea #73 – I Want To, But It’s Hard

by Byron on April 13, 2012

The Problem:

There are various things I’d like to do, but don’t because it’s hard to change habits.  I need help in changing my habits.  For instance…

I’d like to be a vegetarian.  My reasons are health, factory farming, animal cruelty, etc.  But I eat meat nearly every day.  I like meat.  I’d need help in stopping eating meat.

I’d also like to floss every day.  I floss maybe twice a month.

The Business

A web service that sends you a motivational picture every day, to encourage you to do or not do something that you signed up to do or not do.  For instance, if a picture like the one above was sent to me everyday for a year, it would help me to stop eating meat.  If, over the course of one year, I saw a picture of teeth going from healthy to rotted and disgusting, maybe I would actually floss.

Often, people just need a jump start to form the good habit.

I haven’t smoked a cigarette in about 14 months.  It finally stuck on my 4th attempt.  (I smoked a pack a day for 15 years.)  I had envisioned a series of photos of lungs going from black to pink as motivation to stay quit.

I hear photos can be powerful.  Anyone ever heard of pinterest?  🙂  Pig Abuse Search (Main photo credit: Pig Abuse.)


This isn’t so hard.  365 pictures in maybe 10 categories.  Set them up on autoresponders.  Eventually, you could crowdsource the motivational pictures and build a true community of people trying to break bad habits or start good ones.

My Thoughts

(These are personal views.  I’m not interested in pushing them on you in any way, nor am I interested in you telling me anything about my views with regard to meat or teeth.  Live and let live.  Meat or no meat.  Floss or no floss.)


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