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Biz Idea #45 – It’s About the Peaceful Places

by Byron on March 6, 2012

The Problem:

Throughout your day, you need to actively engage in a peaceful mind in order to stay sane.  It’s difficult to do in a fast-paced world.

The Business

Live video feeds of peaceful places from throughout the world.  Take a moment throughout the day to just sit and stare at your screen.  It’s a live feed of your favorite peaceful place.


The business succeeds because various businesses sponsor the video feeds of the peaceful places.  They bring not only the content, but the audience.  Think tourist attractions, spas, resorts, etc.  Perhaps some cameras could be provided by the company, some by the peaceful places.

The sponsors of the various peaceful places have incentive to put the video up on because people may be introduced to a new peaceful place and come visit.  In addition, they help build the audience because it helps their regular visitors remember and stay loyalty to them.  Excellent branding.

Not easy, not simple, but not incredibly complex.

My Thoughts

Lately I have been reading and thinking a lot about time.  Simultaneously, someone, somewhere is experiencing deep peace, partially as a result of their surroundings while I bang away on this laptop.

Yesterday, I was banging away on this laptop next to a creek in Sedona, AZ in an incredibly serene setting.  I wanted to bottle up that moment to open later and sip on.  Hence the idea was born.

It also goes along with my live videos cams theme.  I have written about live cams to help know how crowded or popular something is.  I have also done some thinking and writing about the recorded life.  The recorded life has a heavy video component and is not necessarily respectful of the linearness of time.


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