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Biz Idea #44 – Video Testimonials for Attorney Websites

by Byron on March 5, 2012

The Problem:

Lawyers need testimonials for their website.  Nothing brings in business, in certain fields, like authentic testimonials from real clients.  Plaintiffs lawyers especially need this service.

The Business

Gathering authentic testimonials for attorneys for their websites.


You need to find the clients willing to give testimonials, go to them or have them come to you,  get a professional looking video testimonial done, edit the video, and put the video on the attorney’s site.

This is relatively easy to start and relatively easy to continue.  Unless you create a system to “franchise” or otherwise scale, it’s not a high upside idea.

My Thoughts

This is a basic, easy to perform service.  I think $900 per testimonial is not unreasonable.  This will be the kind of pricepoint where the client will say, “You’re crazy, I’ll do it myself” … then never do it.  Eventually, your value will be realized.

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